The Poetry of Motion

Kirstie Simson - The Poetry of MotionIn the summers of 2008 & 2009 Kirstie Simson has lead The Poetry of Motion dance improvisation workshops here in Aberych village hall (with a view out to the beautiful Cych Valley). In recent years Kirstie has been drawn more forcefully towards the practice of deep listening within her own practice of improvisation. During the workshop she shares her insights and understanding of the essential quality of listening within the art of improvisation.

Kirstie focuses on various aspects and techniques for freeing up the body – allowing it to move with greater ease and grace. She has spent many years researching ways of moving which generate full and fearless dancing, and she enjoys the challenges of intense physicality. The classes offer students a way to extend and deepen their experience of moving, to practice the skills of dancing Contact Improvisation and Spatial Improvisations.

Kirstie Simson leads a workshop in Abercych Village HallFreedom is Kirstie’s eternal subject as she dares to go beyond the boundaries of form and structure to create movement out of the rhythm of life itself. She is renowned today as an excellent teacher and captivating performer who is a leading light in the field of dance improvisation.

Hosted at 2 Penrhiw , Kirstie and some of the workshop participants have enjoyed the retreat of the cottage so close to the workshop space. Kirstie will teach again in the summer of 2010 – information will be posted on this site closer to the time.